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We provide both less than truck load (LTL) and full truck load (FTL) depending on our client needs. We also offer wide range of lorry to cater different types of customer and needs.

  • 3 Tonne Lorry – 14′
  • 10 Tonne Lorry – 28′
  • 18 Tonne Lorry – 30′
  • 22 Tonne Lorry – 32′
  • 25 Tonne Lorry – 40′

FTL is for larger loads that are capable of occupying the whole lorry.

The complete lorry will be dedicated to a single customer.

LTL is best for smaller loads where we will combine delivery from several client in a lorry.

 This can help client that don’t require a full lorry to save on transportation cost as well as large warehousing. We will arrange and combine the delivery with several customer to ensure the portion of unused space in the lorry is filled up with other client’s product. Client will only require to pay according to the amount, weight, volume of their delivery. Hence this will be more affordable option.

What Do You Need To Do?

Our clients do not need to worry on which LTL or FTL suits their product or industry, as our experienced transportation coordinator will assist you in identifying the most suitable means of transportation for you. We will ensure you can save on transportation cost and at the same time do not need to worry on the speed. All you need is to inform our team on the type of your product, weight, volume and we will arrange the necessary to ensure your product delivered to your door-step in a timely manner.

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